Apple drawing step by step guide

APPLE DRAWING: Draw an apple with a pencil [Video]

In this apple drawing tutorial, you’ll get complete step-by-step guide on how to draw an apple using an alternative hatching technique. Of course, there is again a video tutorial for…

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Draw me as cartoon character 03 - Mike

Draw me as a cartoon character [SPECIAL ACTION]

With this action everyone gets the opportunity to become a comic figure. In a Facebook group or here in the comments you can post your funny or extraordinary picture and…

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Handshake Handshake Drawing

Drawings of hands in different styles [Download]

Drawings of hands are often used in presentations, illustrations or designs to illustrate a particular situation or feeling. In this blog post you will find many different drawings of hands,…

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Death Stranding Mama Drawing

Death Stranding – Mama Character Drawing in Time Lapse [VIDEO]

After Gamescom 2019 and the new trailer from Death Stranding we were very impressed by the new character of the mother and we are looking forward to the game! Now…

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Free drawings of animals [Download]

Here you can find some drawings of animals that you can download for free for private use. There are also drawings for coloring available, which are available in a handy PDF download.

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Manga drawing of a woman black and white

Manga drawing of a woman in time lapse [VIDEO]

This manga drawing of a woman was created with the drawing software Procreate on the iPad and then exported as a time-lapse video. The drawing itself is kept in pure…

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Zeichnen Ideen - Viele Ideen für deine Zeichnung

50+ ideas for drawings – Top ideas for your next drawing

Here you will find a lot of ideas for your next drawing. Because often you have no idea and then you put the paper aside. With this collection this will…

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Learn to draw a mouse – Exercise with simple shapes [VIDEO]

Learn in this exercise how to draw a mouse using simple shapes. Simple circles are used to build the body and the head. These are then combined by simple strokes…

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