Drawing Learning Books

With these books you will learn how to draw in no time







We are constantly working on new courses and topics in the field of drawing. Several eBooks are planned. We will publish them here one by one. The complete book series starts with the basics. Afterwards you will learn how to draw people. Then we will take you into the world of animals. Also the surroundings, like cities or forests are a topic here. We will also work with you on comics, cartoons and mangas. And then we will deal with the animation of your pictures and the processing of the videos.

All books will be delivered by us with exercise sheets and video instructions.

Basics and basic techniques for beginning artists

An eBook for anyone who wants to start drawing immediately. Here the basics are quickly explained. With the help of the included exercise sheets and video tutorials, this eBook allows everyone to quickly learn the basics of drawing.

The video tutorials can be accessed via an integrated link or simply via a QR code.

The eBook contains the following content with the corresponding exercises:

– Drawing tools and paper

– Your place to draw

– Develop creative thinking

– The different character styles

– Drawing Steps

– Draw basic shapes in 2D (exercise sheets + videos)

– Draw basic shapes in 3D (exercise sheets + videos)

– Hatching (exercise sheets + videos)

– Perspectives (exercise sheets + videos)

– Light and shadow (exercise sheets + videos)

– Tracing images and photos (video)

We are working hard on more great courses and books that will introduce you to the world of drawing. We are looking forward to your paintings!