Develop Creative Thinking

Creative thinking can be learned by everyone

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Stimulating your own creativity is the first step for great new ideas, beautiful artworks, and innovations. Many think that you are fundamentally uncreative. But that’s just not true! Creative people use special techniques to constantly stimulate their creativity, which we will show you here.

We will summarize the different ways to stimulate your creativity in a few points in this course. This way you will be able to stimulate your creativity every day. 

Let us now come to the different ways and the fact about creativity:

Anyone can be creative!

Yes! You have read that correctly! Everyone is creative in his or her own way. You also live out your creativity in different areas of your life. Unfortunately, creative thinking is often associated with artists, musicians, or designers.



You certainly also have a hobby in which you always have new ideas about what could be done differently or better. And this is exactly where you are creative! If you now want to develop your creativity in the field of drawing or art, you have to think about it as much as your hobby.


Your brain just needs more drawing input to get more ideas. The brain is also nothing more than a muscle that you can train to draw.

Anyone can be creative

So recognize that even if you have no previous experience with drawing, you can still train your brain regarding creativity in this area. Start with simple exercises, for example by

Through the different pictures you constantly train your creativity muscle and get more and more ideas.

Exercise 1:

Say to yourself, “I am creative!” Because you are, no matter what people keep trying to tell you!

Forget the limits

Your upbringing was to repeatedly show you limitsthat would help you to get along in society. To expand your creativity in drawing and art, however, you simply have to forget about them.

There are simply no limits!

Everything is possible!

Everything is allowed!

Art breaks through all boundaries of the current normality. When drawing, you can twist the normal. Here you can create your universe in which your rules apply.

Exercise 2:

Make a list where you twist the normality and then pick a new rule to draw a picture or describe a scene. For example:

– Twist the colors: red is green, yellow is blue, etc.

– Twist nature: people are flying through the air and birds are walking

– Twist physics: water is flowing upwards and rivers are flowing in the air

– etc.

A video course and ebook for anyone who wants to start drawing right away. Here, the basics are explained quickly. With the help of included practice sheets and accompanying video tutorials, this course allows everyone to quickly learn the basics of drawing.

Observe reality

Observe reality and look for interesting shapes or patterns. As children, we used to look at the clouds and imagine something behind them. Why did that actually stop? Try again and stop time for a moment and just stare again into the clouds or at a tree. Do you recognize any patterns or interesting shapes in them? They can become the template for your next image.

Also look at different situations and observe everything closely. How do people behave on the street. How do people act, how do they move and what do they do in certain situations. Any scene can be an exciting template for a great picture.

Exercise 3:

Stare into the clouds and try to see a shape in them. Draw them directly on a sheet of paper. Or sit in a café in the city and watch the people. What are they actually doing? Write down or sketch an idea on this sheet of paper.

Become a child

Children are curious by nature and question everything. That’s what you should do! Why is something the way it is? Why not differently? Why was something built the way it is now and not differently?

If you transfer that to drawing, you get really good ideas. Ask yourself, for example, why a car has four wheels and not five. Then draw such a car. Why don’t airplanes have a completely different shape? Why do trees grow from bottom to top and not the other way around?

Exercise 4:

Find some everyday objects and then ask yourself why they actually look like this. Then draw them completely differently on this sheet.

Get creative

Use creativity techniques

There are plenty of techniques that you can use to stimulate your creativity. In this sense, they are also constantly used by people who claim to be creative. So use them and you are automatically creative too.

Try out creative techniques

Reverse technique:

Just take something you know from your everyday life and reverse it. Twist the facts. Twist the facts. As an exercise, you can just write down one thing that you see right now and then turn it around, like a coffee bean that is boiling a coffee machine.

Impossible combinations:

Pick two things from your everyday life and combine them. It can be anything you see or think of right now. How about a car with wheels made out of roses or a flower growing out of a big city as tall as a skyscraper? As an exercise, combine some impossible things.

To feel objects/nature:

Help yourself also in nature or your immediate surroundings. Take a vase and try to represent it as a spaceship. Take the shape of a stapler and design the shape for a building and so on. You can also combine several things together.


This is an exercise in developing ideas. Take the techniques above and develop some ideas. Write them down. Then take a look at them again and you will get new ideas. Then you take a combination technique and develop a new one out of two ideas. Writing down all ideas together results in a super brainstorming pool of new inspirations for your drawings.

A few words at the end

As you easily recognized above, creativity is nothing more than some good techniques. Used correctly, you can create great creative ideas with them. And this is not only the case in the world of drawing.

So, follow our exercises and get creative!

A video course and ebook for anyone who wants to start drawing right away. Here, the basics are explained quickly. With the help of included practice sheets and accompanying video tutorials, this course allows everyone to quickly learn the basics of drawing.

Develop Creative Thingking