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DrawTut ZeichnerYou want to improve your drawing skills and develop your creativity? Then DrawTut is the right place for you! I’m DrawTut, a drawing instructor with several decades of experience. On my YouTube channel and website, I provide various tutorials and courses on drawing and creativity. In this article, you’ll find out what exciting content is coming soon to DrawTut.

1. Learning to draw: A great subject area

One of the main topics I’m going to devote myself to on DrawTut is “learning to draw”. Already now you can find some drawing tutorials on my YouTube channel and my website. But soon I will deepen this topic even more and provide you with more tutorials to help you develop your drawing skills.

2. Learning to paint: taking colors in hand

Here we will take colors in hand. I will prepare various painting exercises for you, be it with watercolors, watercolors, crayons, acrylics or other colors. Together we will try different painting techniques and I will show you suitable exercises step by step.

3. Digital drawing: create and animate beautiful images

A topic that fascinates me personally is “Digital Drawing”. Here we will look at how to create digital images using different drawing tools and brushes. We will also learn how to animate these images to give them life. I’ve already done a few tutorials on this, but we’ll be delving deeper into the digital world of drawing soon.

4. Drawing manga and comics: bring your characters to life

Das Zeichnen von Mangas und Comics ist eine Leidenschaft von mir, die ich gerne mit dir teilen möchte. Wir werden uns intensiv mit diesem Thema beschäftigen und genau anschauen, wie man Mangas und Comics zeichnet. Auf meinem YouTube-Kanal und meiner Website werde ich passende Tutorials für dich auswählen und dich Schritt für Schritt begleiten.

5. Kreativität ausleben: Neue Ideen, Techniken und Technologien

Creativity knows no boundaries! In this area, we will try out creative exercises together and develop new ideas. We might even test crazy things or venture into novel technologies, such as drawing in virtual reality (VR). We will discover and try out different creative exercises and techniques together.

6. Earn money with the creative passion

One important aspect I want to share with you is the opportunity to earn money with your creative passion. Be it through teaching, commissioned work or other activities in the creative field. I will share my own experiences and show you how you can be financially successful with your talent.

Your creative journey starts here

DrawTut stands for an exciting and creative journey that we will embark on together. It will not only be about drawing and painting, but also about discovering new techniques, trying out different materials and diving into the digital art world. Creativity will be at the center of it all. In the process, we will have fun together and learn many new things.

Share your ideas and wishes with us!

Your ideas and wishes are important to me! Just share them in the comments or send me a message. I will be happy to take your suggestions and work on them bit by bit. Because the most important thing is that we can have a great time, be creative and share our passion for drawing and art.

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