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This is what the Learn to Draw course includes:

5 hours of video tutorials
with 57 drawing exercises

ebookwith 100 pages 
Knowledge + practice sheets

Learn to Draw Course

This course offers:

Go from theory straight into practice

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Thank you so much for your great inspiration and tutorials. I have just bought the course Learn to Draw from you. I love the videos but also the ebook!

Art teacher

Thanks for the great ebook and videos. I am just starting to draw and the exercises are just the right thing to get me started. Thanks and keep up the good work!


I just bought the ebook and I'm on perspective right now. Now I finally understand how to draw something in perspective! Thanks!


This course is now also used at schools and colleges to teach the basics of drawing. We are simply faster than the school allows!

What’s included in the Learn to Draw course:

Learn to Draw eBook Tablet

57 video tutorials

With the course you also get access to the video tutorials. These show you exactly what to do and what you learn through this exercise. Learning to draw has never been easier!


60 practice sheets

The other half of the ebook we fill with exercises to help you apply the knowledge you learned. These are matched appropriately so that you keep developing your drawing skills with each exercise.

Buch zeichnen Lernen Grundlagen

100 pages of knowledge

Half of this ebook consists of basic knowledge for aspiring draftsmen. Everything essential is explained briefly and understandably, so you have more time for drawing.

With this course you will learn:

Start now and draw with us!

Learning to draw has never been easier!

Join us and let us take you into the world of drawing. With our video course and ebook for budding artists, we’re proving that anyone can learn to draw. With your support, we can create even more courses for you in the future and continue to guide you on your journey! Thanks in advance for your great artwork!

A course with many benefits - try it out for yourself!

Here is one of the many exercises from the course that you can use to learn perspectives, for example. Other exercises cover basic shapes, 3D shapes, shading, and casting shadows. Tracing is also covered.

Just try it out! We look forward to your feedback!

All chapters at a glance

Anyone can draw – 1

Drawing tools and paper – 2

Your drawing space – 3

Develop creative thinking – 4

Different drawing styles – 5

Drawing Steps – 6

1 – Anyone can draw

2 – Drawing tools and paper

3 – Your drawing space

4 – Developing creative thinking

5 – Different drawing styles

6 – Drawing steps

7 – Drawing basic shapes in 2D

8 – Drawing basic shapes in 3D

9 – Hatches

10 – Perspective

11 – Light and shadow

12 – Drawing pictures and photos

Computer or Tablet

We deliver a compact version of the eBook that can be easily read on a tablet.

Print version

A high-resolution version of the eBook allows a very good expression of all exercises.

Updates included

Based on your feedback, we will continue to improve the eBook. With the purchase you also get all the updates.

Questions and feedback welcome!

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Start now and draw with us!


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