Search for Inspiration

Sources for drawing inspirations

In the last exercise we looked at how to make the ideas sprout. Now we want to find as many sources for your inspiration as possible. Because pictures of other artists or photos can inspire you to try out a new style or draw a completely new picture based on a certain photo template. So this is all about letting other artists inspire you.

In this exercise we will look at some sources from which you can not only gather good ideas for new pictures, but which you can also use to share or discuss your ideas with others. Tips and criticism from other artists will definitely get you ahead.

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Image portals for draftsmen

Not all artists have their own website. Many use internet portals where they upload their drawings. Here others can view the pictures, give ratings and comment on the pictures. Here is a small list of international portals that you can use to exchange with other like-minded people and present your pictures to the world.

Social media portals and forums

Of course you will also find various groups in the social portals and forums where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people. Here you can upload your pictures and other members can comment on them. This way you get really great tips for improving your drawing style.

Video portals for draftsmen

Some artists simply record the creation of their pictures on video. They do this either live on the internet or upload their pictures afterwards on the internet. You can then watch here exactly how a picture is created. This is especially suitable for looking at the drawing techniques of some artists.

In order to find the suitable videos you have to search here accordingly: Drawing / Drawing Timelapse or creation drawing etc.

Photo portals for templates

There are several portals where you can find photo templates for your pictures. These are either portals where photographers display their pictures or portals where e.g. different people present themselves in different poses for illustrators.

Miniblog for own pictures

If you want to share the images with the world on the fast track without directly setting up your own website, you can also use existing portals for this purpose. Below is a list of websites on which you cannot build an easy to use miniblog:

A few words at the end

There are many sources of inspiration out there and we certainly don’t have them all listed here. If you know of any other sources, just let us know and we will add them to our list.


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