Draw an impossible figure

Drawing Impossible Figures – A creative Drawing Tutorial with Video

In this drawing tutorial, I will show you how to draw two fascinating impossible figures. The figures shown here are a little simpler. However, you can draw various other figures…

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Candle drawing learning exercise

Learn to Draw a Candle – Complete Tutorial with Video

If you draw a candle and its smoke in the way shown here, it can be a great motif that you can also use for decorative purposes. In this tutorial…

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Learn to draw a heart

How to draw a heart in 3 different ways [Video]

How to draw a heart in 3 different ways Drawing a heart is a romantic gesture to express your love for someone special. You can use hearts to decorate postcards…

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Geometric drawing exercise

Create a Geometric Drawing with a Landscape [Video]

Geometric drawings offer fascinating motifs suitable for both decorations and tattoos. In this drawing exercise, you will learn how to link simple geometric shapes into a harmonious motif and even…

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Things coming soon on DrawTut

You want to improve your drawing skills and develop your creativity? Then DrawTut is the right place for you! I’m DrawTut, a drawing instructor with several decades of experience. On…

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Sketch digitally color finished picture

Create a Digital Drawing from a Pencil Drawing [Video]

Using your sketchbook, a pencil, and software like Procreate or Krita, you can create great comic images. For this you can use even a simple sketch. How this exactly works…

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Apple drawing step by step guide

APPLE DRAWING: Draw an apple with a pencil [Video]

In this apple drawing tutorial, you’ll get complete step-by-step guide on how to draw an apple using an alternative hatching technique. Of course, there is again a video tutorial for…

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Draw me as cartoon character 03 - Mike

Draw me as a cartoon character [SPECIAL ACTION]

With this action everyone gets the opportunity to become a comic figure. In a Facebook group or here in the comments you can post your funny or extraordinary picture and…

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Handshake Handshake Drawing

Drawings of hands in different styles [Download]

Drawings of hands are often used in presentations, illustrations or designs to illustrate a particular situation or feeling. In this blog post you will find many different drawings of hands,…

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Death Stranding Mama Drawing

Death Stranding – Mama Character Drawing in Time Lapse [VIDEO]

After Gamescom 2019 and the new trailer from Death Stranding we were very impressed by the new character of the mother and we are looking forward to the game! Now…

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