Winter landscape painting

Winter Landscape Painting with Watercolors [Video]

Paint a beautiful winter landscape with this step-by-step tutorial and video. Here you will be shown everything step by step.

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Light bulb with whale motif

Paint a creative motif of a light bulb and a whale [Video]

Paint a creative motif of a light bulb and a whale [Video] With creative motifs, we can break out of normality and put our thoughts or ideas on paper. We…

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Christmas card painting

Christmas Card Painting – 2 Tutorials for your own Creative Cards

Learn how to paint creative Christmas cards with these two instructions. The instructions are very simple and therefore also suitable for beginners. Just give it a try.

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Lighthouse painting tutorial

Lighthouse Painting – Complete Exercise with Video

Lighthouse Painting – Complete Exercise with Video A picture of a lighthouse is an exciting motif and can also be used perfectly for decorative purposes. In this exercise, we will…

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Draw an impossible figure

Drawing Impossible Figures – A creative Drawing Tutorial with Video

In this drawing tutorial, I will show you how to draw two fascinating impossible figures. The figures shown here are a little simpler. However, you can draw various other figures…

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Candle drawing learning exercise

Learn to Draw a Candle – Complete Tutorial with Video

If you draw a candle and its smoke in the way shown here, it can be a great motif that you can also use for decorative purposes. In this tutorial…

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Learn to draw a heart

How to draw a heart in 3 different ways [Video]

How to draw a heart in 3 different ways Drawing a heart is a romantic gesture to express your love for someone special. You can use hearts to decorate postcards…

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Geometric drawing exercise

Create a Geometric Drawing with a Landscape [Video]

Geometric drawings offer fascinating motifs suitable for both decorations and tattoos. In this drawing exercise, you will learn how to link simple geometric shapes into a harmonious motif and even…

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Things coming soon on DrawTut

You want to improve your drawing skills and develop your creativity? Then DrawTut is the right place for you! I’m DrawTut, a drawing instructor with several decades of experience. On…

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Sketch digitally color finished picture

Create a Digital Drawing from a Pencil Drawing [Video]

Using your sketchbook, a pencil, and software like Procreate or Krita, you can create great comic images. For this you can use even a simple sketch. How this exactly works…

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