Winter Landscape Painting with Watercolors [Video]

Painting a winter landscape is actually quite easy if you know the individual steps. In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how to paint a breathtaking winter landscape with watercolors. So try it out for yourself and paint this motif with me now.

Painting utensils required

All you need for this exercise is

– your watercolors or watercolors,
– some water (e.g. in a glass),
– a few brushes
– and some sturdy paper.

Painting a Winter Landscape Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how to paint this winter landscape. You can simply follow the video to see all the steps in real time and get practical tips.

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Winter Landscape Painting Step by Step Tutorial

Paint background

1. Start with the background and mix some blue paint with water to create a slightly wet surface.

Blue color and water for background

2. Then simply take up some water with the brush and apply the paint downwards.

Dampen more surface area

3. Now pick up more blue paint and spread it over the top so that the upper part of the sky is darker.

Insert more blue above

4. Now let the paint dry. Alternatively, you can also use a hairdryer.

Allow paint to dry

Painting background trees

1. Now mix a little blue with water and paint the trees in the background.

Paint with light blue, background trees

2. Paint a whole row of trees so that they cover the entire width. Don’t use too many details.

Painting background trees

3. Take up some more water and smudge the paint downwards. Let the paint dry again.

Blur color

Painting the middle row of trees

1. Now take an even darker blue or mix your blue with some black. Use it to paint the middle series.

Middle row of trees with darker blue

2. Paint the trees slightly larger and paint the color downwards with a little water. Let the paint dry again.

Painting the middle row of trees

Paint front trees

1. Now mix a really dark blue. Take a slightly sharper brush and paint the front trees.

Paint front trees

2. Use the pointed brush to paint the front trees with more detail. Paint these trees slightly larger.

Paint front trees

3. Paint a really big tree on the right-hand side. This will give you a three-dimensional effect.

Paint front trees

Draw in stars

  1. Take either a white pencil or some white paint and draw in the stars.
Draw in stars
Winter landscape

Your picture of a winter landscape is finished! If you want to continue now, here are a few more drawing courses for you to continue with.