Christmas Card Painting - 2 Tutorials for your own Creative Cards

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all looking for creative ideas on how to surprise our loved ones. And what could be nicer than giving a gift that you have made yourself? In this article, I’ll show you two creative tutorials on how to paint your own Christmas cards.

Required drawing tools

For this exercise, we use a mix of several drawing tools. Here is a list for you:

– Fineliner (black)

– Pencil for the sketch

– Watercolors


Christmas Card Painting Video Tutorial

In this video, I show you step by step how to draw the two Christmas cards. Whether you’re just starting out with drawing or are already a little more advanced, you’ll be shown everything here, from the sketch to the finished drawing.

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Tutorial 1: Christmas Tree Motif

Step 1: Painting the Christmas tree

1. Start painting the Christmas tree with a blue color or a color of your choice.

Paint zigzag lilies with blue paint

2. Use a brush to draw a line from top to bottom to create the Christmas tree.

Indicate a Christmas tree with a line

3. Use more paint and water and paint the tree a little darker in the middle.

Darker blue in the center

4. Spread the paint in the middle while the paper is still wet.

Make the center even darker

5. Wait until the paint is completely dry. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

Allow paint to dry

Step 2: Draw in the Stars

1. Use a fineliner to draw stars or other Christmas motifs on your tree.

Draw in stars with fineliner

Step 3: Draw in Text

1. First determine the height you need for the text by sketching lines.

Sketch text height

2. Use a pencil to sketch the desired lettering on your card.

Outline text

3. Then use a felt-tip pen or a thicker fineliner to trace the lettering.

Lettering with felt-tip pen

4. Allow the paint and ink to dry thoroughly before giving the card as a gift.

Draw in style elements
Ready-made Christmas card Christmas tree

Your first Christmas card is now ready! So let’s get started on the next card.

Tutorial 2: Christmas Tree Balls Motif

Step 1: Sketch the balls

1. Start with a pencil sketch of the Christmas balls you would like to have on your card.

Create a sketch of the Christmas baubles

2. Then erase the sketch so that it is just visible so that you can apply the paint straight away.

Erase sketch

Step 2: Coloring the balls

1. Start with the first ball and paint it in any color you like. Leave a small area free on the right.

Apply the first color

2. Add more color and paint the left side of the ball a little darker.

Paint a darker area

3. Let the paint dry or use a hair dryer to dry the paint even faster.

Dry paint

4. Repeat these steps for each ball and allow each color to dry before you continue painting.

Paint yellow ball
Paint blue ball

Step 3: Draw the Outlines of the Balls

1. Take a fineliner and draw the outlines of the balls. Use the sketch that is still visible.

Draw the contours of the balls

2. Color in the details of the ball, such as the holders, the threads or the loops.

Draw in details

Step 4: Draw the Lettering

1. Sketch the desired lettering, such as “Merry Christmas”, onto your card.

Sketch of the lettering

2. Use a felt-tip pen or a fineliner to trace the lettering.

Draw lettering with felt-tip pen

3. A pointed felt-tip pen can also be used to draw straight lines in lettering.

Draw lettering with felt-tip pen

4. If you like, you can draw more lines as shadows of the lettering.

Christmas card Christmas baubles finished

Your drawing is finished! If you would now like to continue, then here is a suitable drawing course for you.