Lighthouse Painting - Complete Exercise with Video

A picture of a lighthouse is an exciting motif and can also be used perfectly for decorative purposes. In this exercise, we will paint a motif of a lighthouse together. You will be shown and explained each step in detail.

Required Drawing Tools

For this exercise, we use a mix of several drawing tools. Here is a list for you:

– Fineliner (black)
– Pencil for the sketch
– Water-soluble colored pencils


Of course, you can also use your watercolors or colored pencils for this exercise. I’ll leave that up to you and your creativity.

Lighthouse Painting Video Tutorial

In this video, I show you step by step how to draw a lighthouse using a sketch and water-soluble colored pencils. You can also use watercolors or simply your colored pencils. Whether you are just starting out with drawing or are already a little more advanced, you will be shown everything here, from the sketch to the finished drawing.

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Lighthouse Painting Step by Step Tutorial

Create a sketch of the lighthouse

1. take a pencil and first sketch the lower part of the lighthouse.

Lighthouse painting step 1 - Create a sketch

2. then draw the upper part of the lighthouse. 

Lighthouse painting step 2 - Create a sketch

3. now also draw the rays and sketch some birds. Also draw some stones at the bottom.

Lighthouse Painting Step 3 - Create sketch

Coloring the lighthouse

1. now take a light blue water-soluble colored pencil and start filling in some areas with light hatching.

Lighthouse painting step 4 - Apply light blue

2. now add dark blue in some places and use it to create some dark areas.

Lighthouse painting step 5 - Apply dark blue

3. fill in the areas of the lighthouse shown here in red. Draw the lines on one side only.

Lighthouse Painting Step 6 - Red for lighthouse

4. now take a brush and add some water. Spread the paint so that the areas are filled.

Lighthouse painting step 7 - Painting with water
Lighthouse painting Step 8 - Painting with water
Lighthouse painting Step 9 - Painting with water

5. now take some black and draw some shadows in the lower part of the lighthouse.

Lighthouse Painting Step 10 - Black for lighthouse

6. and spread the paint again with water and the brush. Now paint the remaining areas.

Lighthouse painting step 11 - Painting red
Lighthouse painting step 12 - Painting red
Lighthouse painting step 13 - Painting red

Create fineliner drawing

1. now take a black fineliner and trace your previously created sketch.

Lighthouse painting step 14 - Fineliner drawing

2. also draw some bricks on the darker side. Only indicate them as shown here.

Lighthouse Painting Step 15 - Draw in the pattern

3. also create the rest of the drawing and draw in the details here too.

Painting the lighthouse Step 16 - Create the rest of the drawing

4. you can fill darker areas with hatching. Simple hatching is recommended here.

Leuchtturm Malen Schritt 17- Schraffuren für dunklere Bereiche

5. now draw the remaining areas as well. Don’t forget to also indicate the light and the birds.

Lighthouse painting tutorial

Your drawing is finished! If you want to continue drawing right away, here are some drawing courses for you to continue with.