50+ ideas for drawings – Top ideas for your next drawing

Zeichnen Ideen - Viele Ideen für deine Zeichnung

Here you will find a lot of ideas for your next drawing. Because often you have no idea and then you put the paper aside. With this collection this will never happen to you.

Here are some ideas for your next drawing. Just pick something from the list and start drawing.

Ideas for Still Life Drawings

  • Draw a bottle half filled with water
  • Crumple a sheet of paper and draw it
  • Put your phone in front of you and draw it
  • Put a towel in front of you and draw it
  • Draw a pile of laundry
  • Get a handful of things from near you and throw them on the table. Draw them as they land.
  • Draw your desk
  • Draw a light bulb
  • Put down old newspapers and magazines and draw them
  • Draw some items from your fridge
  • Draw an old pair of shoes
  • Draw a camera
  • Draw a bouquet of flowers
  • Draw a pot plant
  • Draw sliced fruit or vegetables
  • Draw your room before you clean it up

Drawing ideas with people or persons

  • Draw yourself in different positions
  • Draw a caricature of yourself or of a person you know
  • Make yourself a superhero
  • Draw your family
  • Draw portraits of yourself from different perspectives (use a mirror)
  • Draw a portrait of a person in 5, 10 then 15 minutes
  • Draw a man with a full beard
  • Draw an eye
  • Draw a mouth (open or closed)
  • Drawing ears of different people
  • Draw hands in different positions
  • Draw feet in different positions
  • Drawing people of different ages (baby, child, teenager, adult, old)

Ideas for Landscape & Nature Drawings

  • Draw the view from your window
  • Draw clouds
  • Draw different trees
  • Draw different bushes
  • Draw different flowers (rose, tulip etc.)
  • Draw a meadow
  • Draw a forest
  • Draw different pets (dog, cat, mouse etc.)
  • Draw different farm animals (cow, pig, chicken etc.)
  • Draw a flying bird
  • Draw different insects (butterfly, beetle, caterpillar, ant etc.)

Ideas for drawings from alternative perspectives

  • Draw the mirror with you in it as a reflection
  • Draw the view in the rearview mirror of your car
  • Try to draw a scene with a fisheye perspective
  • Draw a canyon of houses from a bird’s-eye or frog’s-eye view
  • Draw your room from the perspective of a mouse
  • Draw the view through binoculars

Ideas for drawings with alternative techniques

  • Draw a picture without taking the pen off the paper (drawing with one stroke)
  • Try to draw an object with as few strokes as possible
  • Draw a picture by moving the pen in a circle on the paper
  • Draw something through pure scribbling
  • Draw a picture with a ballpoint pen
  • Draw something with highlighters

Crazy and funny drawing ideas

  • Take an object close to you and draw it as a building
  • Twist facts and draw them (tree grows into the ground, river flows upwards etc.)
  • Draw any object and give it a face
  • Create a cover for your favorite book or music album
  • Illustrate a scene from your favorite song
  • Draw a scene or figure from your favorite book
  • Illustrate your favorite fairy tale
  • Invent your own insects
  • Design your own font
  • Attempts to draw something deliberately unrealistic
  • Combine several animals with each other and create your mythical creature
  • Draw a scene from a dream you can clearly remember
  • Draw your house on the moon
  • Draw a fantasy robot
  • Combine two motifs that do not belong together thematically in a scene
  • Create your own personal logo
  • Divide a page into several sections and create a pattern of your choice for each section
  • Draw any object without looking at the paper
  • Draw a paper with a pencil and then draw something with the eraser

Share your ideas in the comments

We would be happy if you would leave us more ideas in the comments. We will add them to our list.

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