Draw me as a cartoon character [SPECIAL ACTION]

Draw me as cartoon character 03 - Mike

With this action everyone gets the opportunity to become a comic figure. In a Facebook group or here in the comments you can post your funny or extraordinary picture and with a little luck it will be selected and drawn as a comic figure.

How do I participate in the “Draw me as a cartoon character” campaign?

This action works quite simply. Post an unusual or funny picture of yourself in the comments (as a link, for example) or in the Facebook group “Draw me as a cartoon character”. Then, with a little luck, it is selected and a comic picture is created from it. The style is decided by the Artists. The finished picture will then be published together with your photo here and in other portals. You are welcome to use the picture for yourself.

To the Facebook Group


Video of the campaign with the first results

This video explains the action and how it works. The only special feature here is that the pictures are published in different social networks. So be aware of this when you post your picture here.

More videos of the action

Previous participants and their comic pictures

The latest results of the campaign will be posted here again and again. Therefore it is always worthwhile to have a look. Have fun with the campaign and join in!

Zeichne mich als Comicfigur 03 - Mike

Comic image of person

Comic picture of person 01

Special offer - Draw me as a comic figure

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